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Syntax Desktop is a professional open source Content Management System (CMS).  This web application allow users to modify the web site contents how, when and where they want.

Syntax Desktop helps you to create and manage large web sites without any knowledge of HTML. There’s an integrated WYSIWYG editor with a friendly user interface similar to common office applications. You can create the contents and a template engine manages all the parts of the site allowing complete control of the application.

Syntax Desktop is based on PHP technology. It is a web application, so it works on a wide range of modern existing IT infrastructures.  Syntax Desktop runs with other “open source” technologies (i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL), but it works also on commercial products (i.e. Windows, IIS, Oracle DB, MS Access).

Moreover, a great virtue of Syntax is its predisposition to being indexed from search engines.  Syntax is constructed to generate pages optimized for search engines.

For more information about Syntax Desktop, you can watch the flash guided tour. You can find other information by reading the user manual on