CMS made in Italy

“ from web developer needs, a new and flexible cms that could satisfy every customer request. ”

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Syntax Desktop is a publishing system (CMS) and it permit the web site contents management. It has an attractive GUI with a windows system. It has a multi user accounting, with hierchical rights. So insert news, photos, documents, and pages into your site will become very easy. It features an easy DB backup and a flexible menu making.

In The Box

It comes with Smarty Template engine, with a lot of pre-made plugins. It natively supports multi-language web sites and multi-user rights.

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Syntax Desktop administration pages are compatible with all browsers at their most, among them Internet Explorer 6,7 and 8, Firefox 3.5+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome and Safari 4+.

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Search Engines Optimized

Resulting web sites are seo friendly, optimized for getting the top results in the search engines and agreed to modern web-design requirements.

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Installation Wizard

The installation it simply and easy. You'll be guided by a wizard setup that will help you in the installation process.

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OpenSourceContest 2004

In 2006 Syntax Desktop won the first Italian open source contest. It came first in the business category.

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eContentAward Italy 2006

In 2006 Syntax Desktop take part of the nomination list for the eContentAward International selection in the business category.

~ Michele Gobbi, Web Developer